Today I am here to remind you hope to pause, breathe and remember you deserve to nurture your creative, adventurous side. Be here in this moment and notice something beautiful and positive. Feel empowered to take a chance or take a break from the madness and allow yourself some “me-time.”

This week’s blog is focused on healthy lifestyle!!!!

 As women we tend to stress over the littlest things. This weekend I took a trip back home and of course like any other broke college student, I vented to my mom about how I don’t have any money and how by not having any money , I tend to always be stressed.

She told me, “ LESS IS MORE”.

That made no sense to me. Less is less. More is more. What kind of wacky advice was my mom trying to give me in this message? And who would be foolish enough to believe it?

Now I finally get it. Less is more and it’s not just with stress, it’s with everything we do.

Less is more in many areas of our lives because over-indulgence, as you may have found out through sweet experience, is not the way to either success or happiness.

And maybe that’s why you are not quite yet happy enough.

I use to talk myself into doing just a little more – buy more, eat more, work more, – then maybe the magic will happen. But no matter how much I did, I felt further from the promise land.

The problem with more: More does not necessarily result in better, higher and happier anything. More is a reaction we have to not knowing the real answer. And when we don’t know any better, we do more of what is familiar in hopes that it all “adds up”.

I wrote down 8 simple things that stress me out. These 8 things can easily be fixed, by doing less

1. Eat less: Emotional eating and social eating can lead to those extra pounds that make you curse the scale down the road and go on a radical diet in reaction. Just eat less. Research has shown that you are far healthier if you stop eating before you are really full. Try it for a week. You’ll feel, shall I say, more satisfied, not to mention healthier?

2. Buy less. I am the over-consumer, materialistic, stuff-loving type of girl. I admit, I still buy stuff I don’t need but want, and I am not ashamed of it. But I am very intentional about my purchases. Buy with a clear mind and never on an impulse.

3. Worry less. Become very aware of your worry and train yourself to do less, far far less of this. Worry makes you feel as though you are doing something useful but you are only taking time away from the real useful stuff.


4. Be busy less.  Drop “I’m busy!” as a response to everything. Be more authentic and more honest. Are you really busy or filling up your time with “stuff”? Do you want to be doing what you are doing? Take a closer look. Be less busy.

5. Work less. That’s right. Chances are you are working hard enough but doing less of what really matters to get ahead. Just take a day off out of the week to really have time for yourself.

6. Be negative less. The negative thoughts in my head always kill me. I am learning to identify them. Believe that they are telling you lies to keep you from living a happy life. People are not bad. The world isn’t against you. You are not unlucky or unfortunate. When you change your thoughts, you can begin to change your life.

7. Make excuses less. . Excuses are not the real you. Excuses that you “can’t” do something or it’s “too hard” or “too late” always block me, keeping me stuck. Don’t put up with that. Procrastinate less and do what matters to you because you can. No excuses.

8. Have a bad attitude less. Life doesn’t always go our way. My way of handling it used to be to show off a poor attitude. The less things went my way, the worse my attitude would get. Oh this was a hard habit to break but an essential one. Accept what happens. It’s not happen “to you” so much as it’s just happening.